Post Types, Setup, Options, Customisations & How-to.

Video tutorial on the Posts, post types, setup, options and customisations for Minelienda Tumblr Theme.

Please note:
  • Minelienda uses Foundation by Zurb. Thus it extends a lot of features from Foundation by Zurb. Most of these are available as an extension to the theme. Some features (elements and type) can be used within text type posts, some cannot due to tumblr's rewriting of HTML code(more on this here). Most of these can also be used within the sidebar custom content areas (more on this here). The features I have tested within text type posts can be seen in this post. The tabs and accordion can be seen in the sidebar here. To further understand the usage and customisations of these features please visit
  • Code Highlighting by default is turned off. To use code highlighting you have to switch on the option as shown in the video above. More about code highlighting here.
  • Images can be aligned and used from within the HTML editor. More on this here. This is also covered in the video above.
  • Comment count is turned off. This is by intent since Minelienda uses 3 types of commenting systems.

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